Our Bulletins

Plotting the depths of marine surveying

with the IIMS India Vice Chairman.

(Capt. Purnendu Shorey)

The International Institute Of Marine Surveying (IIMS) defines Marine Surveying as

"The service provided to maritime and transport organisations in general, and the producation of guidance reports for all other bodies connected with maritime operations of maritime trade."

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Breakbulk / Project Cargo Loading

On Large Container Ships

The Global Shipping scenario (and we are only talking of the container trade) has seen a seesaw like action in the last decade or so. From dropping freight rates, to larger ships being built around the same time - we leave it to the business conglomerates to make sense of those trends.

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- Our Journey -

The First 999 Days Of

Offing Marine & Offshore Consultants

We are a team of professionals from the Marine, Oil & Gas Sector with experience in the areas of Surveys, Inspections and Consultancy Our team has experienced Master Mariners, Marinne Engineers, Civil Engineers, Naval Architect, Project Experts and Legal Advisors

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Marine Warranty Surveyors for loading of 66 Wind Blades on a 'Bulk Carrier'

Offing Marine & Offshore Consultants (OMOC) recently carried out a successful loading of 66 Wind Blades (Length of blade 62.6m) from West Coast of India to the Unites States of America as Marine Warranty Surveyors for a leading P&I Club.

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